KISS’s lead guitarist Tommy Thayer or The Spaceman, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account which included a photo of himself, and said that he has been thinking about the ‘killer stuff‘ that he created back in 2018 and insinuated that he will be releasing some songs soon.

As you may know, Gene Simmons and Thayer knew each other before the second joined the band and in fact, it was still uncertain whether he was going to be replacing Ace Frehley until 2002. On that year, Thayer performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony in Salt Lake City as the only lead guitarist.

A month later, he put on the Spaceman make-up for the first time, became an inseparable member of KISS and performed in numerous concerts with the iconic band. With his recent Instagram post, he recalled 2018, which was apparently a memorable year for Tommy Thayer.

Seeing a photo of himself in the studio, seems to have reminded him that he still has a lot to do and achieve in the rock scene. In his tweet, Thayer stated that he actually has some ‘killer stuff’ ready to go but added that right now is not the correct time to release any of them, a statement which highly excited his fans.

Here’s what Tommy Thayer said in his recent tweet:

“#TBT In the studio in August 2018, got some killer stuff that Ill release when the time is right.”

You can check out Thayer’s tweet below.