The legendary lead guitarist of KISS, Tommy Thayer had a new interview with The Rockpit’s Mark Rockpit and revealed his real thoughts on the latest show of the KISS’ “End Of The Road” tour.

Tommy Thayer stated that he will put his Spaceman makeup on the last KISS show and it will be a very touching experience for him.

Here is what Mark Rockpit asked:

“What was it like putting on the make-up for the first time, and what do you think it will be like putting it one for the last time?”

Tommy Thayer responded and said that:

“Well the first time that I put it on was when I did my first show with Kiss, I wasn’t officially in the band at the time I was really just filling in. It was a private concert we did down in Jamaica in 2002. And obviously there’s a lot of excitement and anticipation in doing that, but also a certain level of maybe anxiety or nervousness to be honest with ya because those are huge boots, or shoes (laughs) to fill and to go out there and do that.

So there were a lot of emotions with that for me because honestly to begin with you’re almost in a ‘no win’ situation with people because they’re really scrutinizing you, all eyes are on you and they’re all trying to determine if you’re up to snuff or not. I think fortunately I pulled it off pretty well but it’s been a big growing experience and a big developing experience being in a band like this over the years. I obviously feel very comfortable where I am now but it took a while for me to find that comfort zone.

Tommy finished his words by saying this:

“As far as putting the make-up on for the last time I think that’s going to be a very emotional experience and I think it’s going to be a mix of all kinds of feelings: a celebration and excitement but on the other hand maybe a little bit of sadness at the end.”

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