KISS lead guitarist who is known as ‘The Spaceman’ in his band, Tommy Thayer, was the latest interview guest of ‘Hanging’ & Banging’ this week and revealed the backstory of returning to the band in 2002 as well as his thoughts on Ace Frehley.

As you might already know, Tommy is one of the current members of KISS who performs the role of ‘The Spaceman’ which is a special persona that was created by the co-founding member of the band, Ace Frehley. He was also the former member of Portland-based American heavy metal band ‘Black ‘n Blue.’

In his recent interview, Tommy Thayer shared his thoughts on rock history with Carmine Appice, Vinny Appice, and Ron Onesti. Tommy also unveiled the untold story of how he managed to replace Ace Frehley in KISS without being auditioned.

Here is what Thayer said in the conversation:

“It goes way back, because one of our, when we first went on the road, Black N’ Blue, one of our tours also was opening for KISS.

And that’s when I met Gene and Paul, back in the mid-’80s. And then Gene produced a couple of our records, and after Black N’ Blue ran its course, they asked me if I wanted to come work for them, just behind the scenes, which is what I did.

How did the whole transition to take over for Ace – did they actually formally say, ‘Look, we’ve got an idea here,’ or did it just kind of evolve? It really was a slow process because I was around, and when they did the Reunion tour and all that kind of stuff, I was around, helping with rehearsing.”

He continued:

“And then one day when they did the ‘Psycho Circus’ record, which was kind of the reunion record, they had some kind of issues with Ace and Peter where they couldn’t come to an agreement. So Gene and Paul said, ‘We want you to come to play guitar and do the guitars on the album.’ And so I did that.

So I was just around. They knew I could do it, and so when it came to the point where Ace just wasn’t going to be there for whatever reason, I was just kind of the natural guy to do it.”

You can watch the interview below.

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