Black Sabbath’s lead guitarist Tony Iommi, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and announced some exciting news considering the release of a deluxe edition of an all-time favorite Black Sabbath album.

As you probably know, Tony Iommi enjoys being active on social media and he often uses his Twitter account to cherish some old memories with Black Sabbath, pay tribute to late rockstars, but mostly, to announce the band’s upcoming projects and promote their merchandise.

Recently, he posted a tweet on his personal Twitter account and reminded his fans of a deluxe album which will be released on February 12, 2021, and gave some details about what it will be including. This news excited Black Sabbath fans who have been waiting for this album.

Black Sabbath will be releasing a deluxe edition of one of their most famous albums, ‘Vol.4,’ which was ranked no. 14 on Rolling Stone’s ‘100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time‘ in 2017. The deluxe edition will consist of 4 CDs and 5 LPs. It will be a ‘newly remastered album’ which will include twenty unreleased studio and live recordings.

Here’s what Tony Iommi said in his tweet:

“Black Sabbath revisit Vol.4 on new 4-CD and 5-LP Super Deluxe Editions, featuring a newly remastered album & 20 unreleased studio and live recordings. Coming February 12th, Order your copy now from Black Sabbath Band’s website.”

You can check out Tony Iommi’s tweet below.