Black Sabbath founder and legendary guitarist Tony Iommi wrote a recent tweet on his verified account and answered one of the fan’s question.

Tony didn’t share so many details but wrote something exciting for the Sabbath fans.

A fan named Chris Wysoglad asked:

“Is there any chance of seeing the concert film of Live Evil that RJDio mentioned on the album recording?

Tony Iommi simply responded:

“We hope so.”

You can see the tweets below:

Last week, Tony Iommi has shared the photos of himself with Queen guitarist Brian May.

Tony also wrote a simple caption and shared the special bromance moment of them.

As you can see below, Tony called Brian as ‘his best’ friend on one of these photos. Here is what Tony Iommi wrote:

“Hard at work! In search of riffs – and finding about 500!”

A different photo with my best friend.”

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