During a recent interview with Guitar World, Black Sabbath’s lead guitarist Tony Iommi opened up about the greatest misconception considering Ozzy Osbournes reason for leaving Black Sabbath and talked about his bandmates work ethic.

As you may recall, 1979 was Ozzy Osbourne’s last year with Black Sabbath as that was when he was asked to leave the band and as it turns out, Ozzy still blames Tony Iommi for getting kicked out of the band. In a recent interview, Tony Iommi gave details about that time and tried to explain why he was not responsible for this.

‘Never Say Die’ was one of Black Sabbath’s most successful albums and upon its recording, the band started touring with Van Halen. After the tour, the band members went back to the studio to record another album but the increasing tension between Ozzy and the other band members led to the decision that Ozzy needs to go.

Although Ozzy still thinks that it was Iommi who wanted this, in his recent interview, Iommi disclosed that it was actually Geezer and Bill who told him that if he doesn’t fire Ozzy, then they will leave. While this was still a matter of discussion, Bill went up to Ozzy and told him that Tony ‘wants to get rid’ of him.

Tony confessed that he didn’t appreciate Ozzy’s attitude either and said that the band members’ loose work ethic, such as leaving him alone to do the mixing of the album while they were on holidays, ‘even caused my marriage to break up.’ However, he certainly didn’t want things to go down like that.

This is what Tony Iommi said in the interview:

“The problems with Ozzy continued, and eventually we knew we had to bring in somebody else. Geezer and Bill would say to me, ‘Either Ozzy goes or we go.’ At that point, Bill was becoming the businessman of the band, with his briefcase and his haircut, and he fucking goes and tells Ozzy, ‘Tony wants to get rid of you.’ [laughs]

To this day, Ozzy thinks I fired him on my own when it was really the other two who wanted him out. But I wasn’t pleased with him either. Mixing the album even caused my marriage to break up. As with ‘Technical Ecstasy,’ everyone went on a holiday when it came time to mix. My wife kept asking, ‘How come you’re the only one working while everyone is in bloody Barbados?'”

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