Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi recalled the time when he had to play the guitar upside down during a recent appearance on Gibson TV.

Tony is mostly known for his iconic guitar plays with his Gibson SG model, and Gibson recently announced the release of the 1964 Gibson SG replica on YouTube, featuring an interview with Tony Iommi himself.

In the conversation, Tony pointed out that it was really hard to get a left-handed guitar, and it was harder to get a Gibson guitar back in the days due to its price. Therefore, he had to buy a right-handed SG from somebody.

However, Tony was a left-handed guitarist, and he found a new solution to play it. As Tony said, he reversed the guitar upside-down and changed the strings as well. Until the day he found a left-handed one, he played the right-handed SG with the new method,  similar to Jimi Hendrix.

Furthermore, Tony also explained why he prefers to play with the SG guitar model for such a long time and stated that they are comfortable to play with and the weight of the guitar suits him.

Tony Iommi shared why he had to play the guitar upside down:

“I bought an SG off of somebody and it was a right-handed one. ‘Cause I couldn’t – in England, it was hard to get a left-handed guitar, and certainly, a Gibson was hard to get.

So, I used to play it upside-down. And then I heard of this chap who was right-handed and played a left-handed guitar upside-down.

I don’t know how that happened, but I contacted him and we decided to meet in a car park and swap guitars so he’d then have a right-handed guitar and I’d have a left-handed one. And that’s how I got it.

A really strange story, but that’s how it did happen. For me, I like it because I like the weight of them and it’s a comfortable guitar to play, I think. You know, I’ve been so used to the SGs all these years and it’s been great.”

You can check out the video below.