Earlier today, the English songwriter and the guitarist of Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi, has made an update of reminiscence on his Twitter account. In it, Iommi expressed his amazement at the heavy metal band’s competence and success in such a short amount of time.

50 years ago, Black Sabbath downright inverted the music community with their intensity and thusly, inevitably re-shaped metal as a genre. The darker and denser quality that the band has introduced into the music scene at the time, was what brought about the coinage of the term ‘heavy metal’ to pass for mainstream usage.

Being one of the founding members of this influential heavy metal group, Tony Iommi has posted a tweet where he looks back on the past years of Black Sabbath. As well as honoring the band’s early musical activities, Iommi expresses his surprise by giving them credit for accomplishing so much, in so little time.

In February 1970, Black Sabbath released its first album, ‘Black Sabbath‘ and immediately after the occasion, set out for a tour. In the meantime, they had prepared ‘Paranoid’ and had released a total of two albums in seven months. Iommi touches on the hardships they went through to achieve two albums full of classic songs and how admirable it all is looking back.

Here is the transcription of Iommi’s tweet:

“I look back and am amazed how we released ‘Black Sabbath’ in February 1970 then toured, wrote, recorded and released ‘Paranoid’ only 7 months later! And these weren’t knock-off albums, they are both full of our classic tracks.”

With their early rocking success, the band members had decided to follow solo careers as well. In 2000, Iommi had released his debut solo album titled ‘Iommi’ and received the high acclaim of die-hard Black Sabbath fans. The news of a new solo album by Iommi was on the books as of October 2018, which, considering the previous one taking nearly five years, is probably still in formation.

Check out Iommi’s tweet below.