During a recent conversation on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, the guitarist of the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi, talked about his close friendship with Eddie Van Halen and about how they supported each other during their unfortunate health issues.

As you know, on October 6, 2020, the rock world was left heartbroken after the passing of Van Halen’s legendary guitarist Eddie. His passing was mourned by millions all around the world and was especially hard for his family, friends, and loved ones. Tony Iommi was one of the rockstars who had expressed their sorrow upon hearing the heartbreaking news.

During his recent conversation with Eddie Trunk, Tony Iommi opened up about his close friendship with Eddie Van Halen. He said that they had a ‘great, long friendship’ which started out in 1978 at the ‘Never Say Die’ tour. Iommi said that they stayed in touch and that they would have family dinners anytime Iommi was in L.A. with his wife.

He added that Eddie was really supportive when he was ill and that he tried to be there for him too. As you may recall, back in 2012, Iommi was diagnosed with the early stages of lymphoma, and apparently Eddie, who was also going through some serious health issues at the time, was one of the few people who supported him during this difficult time.

Iommi said that he also did his best to support Eddie Van Halen during his battle with cancer, just like he had. He went on to disclose that they stayed in touch even during those difficult days and stated that he had the chance to talk to Eddie right before he was taken to the hospital, just before he passed away.

Here’s what Tony Iommi said about Eddie Van Halen:

“Well, we had a great, long friendship, really, ever since they toured with us on the ‘Never Say Die!’ tour in ’78. We stayed in touch. We lost contact for a while, and then we got back in touch, and it was great.

We were in touch with each other on a regular basis, and when I’d be in LA, his wife and my wife, and Eddie and myself would go out for dinner, get together – it was great.

We had a really nice relationship, and he supported me a lot when I was ill, and I tried to support him as well. We had a really good friendship, and I did actually, I was in touch with him not long before he went into the hospital, just before he passed away, really.”

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