Black Sabbath icon Tony Iommi recalled the time he collaborated with Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl for an album and explained why the Foo frontman wanted to replace Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron during his recent interview with BBC Radio.

Tony Iommi released his debut solo studio album entitled ‘Iommi’ on October 17, 2000, with which the guitarist proved that he could preserve his fame and success as a solo artist too. He teamed up with several musicians such as Queen’s Brian May, Pantera’s Phil Anselmo, and Soundgarden and Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron.

In addition to them, Dave Grohl joined Iommi’s album to perform ‘Goodbye Lament’ alongside Brian May. The guitarist thought that Grohl would only sing the track, but as it turns out, he wanted to play the drums as well. Unfortunately, Iommi told him that he already had a drummer, Cameron.

However, Grohl insisted on performing as a drummer in the song, so the Black Sabbath guitarist left the decision to the manager. Eventually, the Foo Fighters frontman’s wish came true, and he replaced Matt Cameron in ‘Goodbye Lament,’ but Matt played the drums in four other tracks.

In Iommi’s words, he said:

“It was exciting, a bit daring for me because I didn’t know, I didn’t meet some of them, but it sort of worked. Using Dave Grohl, it was great. Dave was really enthusiastic but it was a bit awkward as well because the track Dave sang on, he said, ‘Can I play drums?’

I said, ‘Well, I already have a drummer,’ which was the drummer from Soundgarden – Matt Cameron, and Dave said, ‘Well, I’d like to play drums.’ Oh, dear… So I left it to the producer. I said, ‘Dave wants to play drums…’ Anyway, Dave ended up playing drums on it, but it was a good experience working with different people.”

You can check out the interview and song below.