Black Sabbath legend and also the leader & co-founder of the band, Tony Iommi, has been recently interviewed by Jeff Kitts of The Guitar World and recalled the best and worst albums of Black Sabbath by sharing his thoughts on the ups and downs of the iconic English band.

In the interview, Tony Iommi commented and shared the untold stories about every single Black Sabbath album and revealed their mood while recording them. While talking about the third studio album of the band named ‘Master of Reality,‘ Tony shared how confused were they after the first two albums.

According to Tony, after releasing one of their most iconic albums Paranoid, the band members wanted to make something experimental and tried to spend more time in the studio. However, in these sessions, they had to change studios over and over again because Bill Ward could not get it right properly.

As Tony Iommi claimed that ‘Into The Void’s most difficult song was ‘Master Of Reality,’ he also shared the story of how band members thought that Bill was not capable of playing it.

Here is what he said:

“During Master of Reality, we started getting more experimental and began taking too much time to record. Ultimately, I think it really confused us. Sometimes I think I’d really like to go back to the way we recorded the first two albums. I’ve always preferred just going into the studio and playing, without spending a lot of time rehearsing or getting sounds.

Most of my solos on that record were done the same way I do them now – very off-the-cuff. I performed the extended solo on Warning in only two takes. The first one I played was much better than the second one, but our so-called producer, who had never produced an album in his life, decided to put the second one on the record without consulting us.”

He continued:

“For that album, I used my Gibson SG – the same one I used for the next 10 years –and either a Laney or Marshall cabinet. We didn’t even have time to work on getting sounds – we just set up mics in front of the cabinets and went off. We just played as if we were playing live.”

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