American guitar brand Gibson’s Youtube channel, Gibson TV, has shared the new episode of ‘Icons’ series, and Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi was the recent interview guest of the channel.

In the interview, Tony Iommi answered highly-anticipated questions about himself. At the end of the interview, Richie Faulkner has begun to talk about Van Halen’s guitar legend Eddie Van Halen. 

Tony Iommi has revealed a little-known story of himself with Eddie Van Halen and explained what did he think when he first saw him.

Here’s what Richie Faulkner said:

“From that, almost like a limitation, that’s where you find your strengths and you create something new.

Where everything is readily available, it doesn’t seem to be that same sort of experimentation and drive to get your own thing out of it.”

Tony Iommi said:

“No, because everybody else is – they go to all these companies that are coming up with all these things for you, ‘This is the new one, this is new – and that’s new.’ So you don’t have a thing to invent anything, but where do you go with it?

I remember with Laney, when we’ve done the amps, and then – I told you about this treble booster that I had – I went to Laney and said, ‘Can we build something like this in the amp?’, and they said ‘Why would you want to do that for? It’s sort of distorted, you don’t want to distort it, you want a clean sound.’

I said, ‘No, no, I want it distorted.’ ‘No, no, that’s not gonna sell.’ That went on for a year or so, and then a couple of years they came to me and said, ‘That idea of building…’, and they did it, and I eventually built it.

It was hard-going because you had to prove it and prove it before anybody would sort of get a grip and say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s a good idea.'”

After then, Richie Faulkner started to talk about Eddie Van Halen and said:

“It’s like Eddie Van Halen when he put the humbucker in the single-coil. He liked the Start, but they didn’t make it like that, so he stuck it in there himself. Later on down the road, that becomes the standard.”

Tony Iommi mentioned his first impression about Eddie Van Halen and said:

“Absolutely. That’s the thing with Eddie, he was innovative. There’s some of the stuff he’s come up – and I’ll always remember because they toured with us for eight months when they first started – it was really different.

I’d go, ‘Blimey, he’s bloody good.’ And he developed a technique and went on and on with it the way he does it, and he was always fiddling about with his guitar and changing this and changing that.

And he still does, he still does come up with ideas for the guitar. You need people like that, but then you’ve got the companies that put the money to develop just stuff to put out to sell, really.”

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