During the recent question and answer session on Twitter, Tony Iommi has revealed what he’s doing these days.

He said that ‘I’m just re-mixing Forbidden (Black Sabbath’s 18th studio album which was released in 1995), nothing else.’

A fan asked:

“i was a fan of the Headless Cross & Tyr albums,would u ever consider recording/performing with Tony Martin & Neil Murray again?”

Tony responded:

“Never say never, but there are no plans, I’m just re-mixing Forbidden, nothing else.”

Another fan named G Paul May asked:

“It’s been rumored through the grapevine that Lemmy (Kilmister from Motörhead) preserved hundreds of cassettes of recordings through his entire career. Have you done the same?” (Q was shortened due to twitter limits)

Tony replied:

“I have quite a few!”

Check out the tweets below.