Considered as the most-talented guitarists of all time and also one of the four founding members of the legendary heavy-metal band Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi was recently interviewed by Kerrang to talk about the earlier times of the band.

As the Black Sabbath family celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of their most famous tracks of all time, ‘Paranoid,’ they also have decided to release the deluxe version of the album While asked, Tony Iommi, confessed that the first time he heard the latest version of the track, he thought that song sounded horrible.

According to Tony, the main issue was the ring modulator that was used for the intro vocal in yet another Black Sabbath masterpiece, ‘Iron Man.’ However, the producer Rodger Bain has persuaded the band members and they have used to it.

Here is what Tony said:

“Rodger also used that [ring modulator] on the guitar solo on the track ‘Paranoid’ itself. At first, I said, ‘What the hell’s that?! It sounds horrible!’

But they went ahead and picked it as the solo that ended up on the record all the same. I’ve got to used to it now.”

He continued:

“The rest of the band were out of the studio when Rodger said to me, ‘Have you got any more songs?’, and I said, ‘No.’ We genuinely didn’t; we’d used everything.

I had a basic riff and I showed it to the band when the others came back. As everyone knows, we just recorded that song really quickly and pretty much at the last minute.

It was going to be a filler and that was why it’s also the shortest song we’ve probably ever done as a result.”

You can check out the legendary song ‘Paranoid’ below.

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