The legendary musician of Black Sabbath which is founded alongside Billie Ward, guitarist and main songwriter Tony Iommi had a new interview with Kaaos TV and revealed the untold story of how he began his music career, and how he founded Black Sabbath.

Here is the conversation, transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar.

Kaaos TV asked this:

“Was the idea of Black Sabbath to change the face of popular music forever or did it just sort of happen as a happy accident?”

Tony Iommi responded:

“Well, originally we started off as a blues band, and it sort of evolved what became Black Sabbath. But originally, it was blues and 12-bar stuff.

We wanted to write our own songs, so, we wrote a couple of our songs. And in those days, you couldn’t get many gigs because the stuff we’ve been playing – people wanted to hear and pop stuff, so there was only a couple of blues clubs that we could play.

So we wrote a couple of songs, ‘Black Sabbath’ was one of them – and ‘Wicked World’ – and we ended up playing these two songs at a blues club just to see what would happen, to see if anybody liked them and it was great, everybody was coming up after, ‘What are those songs? We’ve never heard anything like it.’ ‘They’re our own songs, we wrote them.”

He continued:

“And that sort of started the ball rolling. We wanted to do something of our own and something that we felt. You know, blues is one thing, but when we started, we didn’t go out to write something that wasn’t out there, but it just took us.

“We liked what we were doing, I came up with this riff and we knew it was different. We knew we were onto something very different altogether, and we really liked it, and that was the benchmark of all the albums.”

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