One of the biggest Tool fan pages all over social media, “Toolpusciferapc” posted a new photo on their Instagram page and revealed one of the rarest Tool gig photos of all times.

The fan page reposted the photo from a user named ‘albertomascis’ and revealed the story of it.

Here is what’s written on the caption:

This is probably the rarest #Tool(@toolmusic) photo you are going to see in your whole life.

The band opening for #GreenJello at the Jello Loft in #LosAngeles during the New Year Eve 1991 where live versions of “Cold and Ugly” and “Jerk-Off on #Opiate were recorded 🔧

This is one of the very first band shows | #toolband #toolarmy #tool2019#maynardjameskeenan #adamjones#dannycarey #pauldamour.”

You can find that rare photo right below.