Tool’s iconic member, Justin Chancellor was the recent interview guest of Music Radar and revealed the differences between the latest Tool album, Fear Inoculum and the other albums of the band.

Here is what Justin said about the recording process of Fear Inoculum:

“On this album, I really learned a lot more restraint. On past albums, as far as I can see – although it’s hard to put it into words after all that time – I was pretty used to going full-bore and filling up the space, because my natural instinct is to hear all these different harmonies and orchestrations.

“This time, I’d write an idea that sounded good to me, as a melody or as an orchestrated part, and then Adam [Jones, guitar] would end up playing it, and all of a sudden there was space for the bass to be just a bass, or maybe not even play for 30 seconds and then come in with a single pulsing note.”

Justin continued:

“We really figured out that we could create a greater space by pulling back a little bit and doing less. There’s a lot more simplicity, and the intensity and the complicated stuff is concentrated more into pockets, where it explodes that much more. I hope that’s the way it comes across, anyway.

I take my hat off to Adam for his vision when it comes to arrangements, and then applying so much patience and restraint.”

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