Tool’s successful bass guitarist, Justin Chancellor had a new interview with Music Radar’s Joel McIver and shared the untold details about Tool’s recent album, Fear Inoculum.

Justin also shared the details of the gear he and other bandmates used while recording the album.

Here is what Justin said:

“The last track, ‘Mockingbeat,’ which I guess you’d call a segue, is a little more heavy on my side.

As we were getting through the year in the studio recording the stuff, we maxed out the minutes that we could use on the physical album, but then we realized, ‘Oh, we can still do segues because we’re actually going to release this digitally’, so we did three of them.”

Joel McIver asked:

“Are Wals still your main basses?”

Justin responded:

“Yes. My main Wal is responsible for most of what you hear, but I did use two other basses.

One is a 1963 Lake Placid Blue P-Bass, which is probably my favorite bass to play around with at home. If I go and jam with someone, I always take that. It’s naturally nasty-sounding – you don’t have to put it through any kind of effects, because it has an amazing rasp.

I used that on ‘Culling Voices’ when the bass comes in halfway through. It just worked for that part.”

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