During a recent interview with Ernie Ball’s new podcast named ‘Striking a Chord’, Tool bassist Justin Chancellor revealed how he has reacted to Maynard James Keenan when Maynard opened up his idea about banning use of smartphones for their live shows.

Justin Chancellor said that he was horrified by Maynard at that time. Here’s the statement:

“Yeah, we do. Since you brought that up, we just did it in Europe. I was horrified when Maynard told me, ‘I’m gonna tell everyone they can’t use their cellphones, they’ll get kicked out if they do.’ [Laughs] It’s a great thought, and for sure it was unbelievable, and we’ve had an announcement going on before…

Nobody did it, you can still see the stuff on YouTube, people have these little things, but to play a show with none of that in front of your face was just epic. And I think everyone else enjoyed it as well. And then at the last song, he said everyone can take their cell phones, it was kind of, like, a theatrical moment.”

He also talked about his feelings on live shows, and said:

“The best part is playing live, for sure. Playing the show, the real tangible thing where you stand in front of the crowd and you play exciting music and they have a great evening, there’s nothing better than that.”

You can listen to the whole interview below. Click here for the source of the statement.