During a recent conversation with a fan at NAMM 2019, Tool drummer Danny Carey has revealed the unofficial release date for upcoming Tool album.

A fan named Dirk Doucette, asked if there was any news on the album, Danny responded:

“Yeah, it should be out mid-April. That’s the plan anyway.”

Watch fan-filmed footage of the conversation below. (Dany’s statement begins at 1:05)

Back on January 4, singer Maynard James Keenan confirmed that vocal recordings of new album is done. He wrote on Twitter:

“Update- Final vocals tracked MONTHS ago. Then U.S.-UK-Euro run w #APC. If Tool all inst are tracked, long process of Mixing now.

Meanwhile write/film/track w @puscifer for #puscifer2020 & troll the band FBs with wine posts. #funnyshit #whileyouwerewhiningiwasworking”

See his tweet below.