It was reported by TMZ that Tool drummer Danny Carey was arrested on December 12, 2021, after he was involved in a serious incident that occurred at the Kansas City airport terminal.

Earlier that weekend, Carey attended a college basketball game between his home state Kansas and Mizzou, to perform a special concert alongside other musicians. Everything started very well for Danny thanks to Kansas’ victory, but the rest of it was pretty chaotic.

According to the reports found by TMZ, Danny Carey started insulting and fighting with an anonymous man at the airport terminal, and people called the police to stop them. The police arrived and arrested the drummer, who was then sent to a nearby police station for booking.

It’s understood that the reason behind the arrestment was misdemeanor assault, and the Tool drummer was released on bail. Neither the band nor the musician himself has shared any statements yet to give more details about the assault and the other person’s identity.