On 7th January 2020, one of the most well-known drummers in history, Rush drummer Neil Peart passed away cause of the brain cancer and saddened all the rock/metal community.

After a few days, Tool members wanted to mourn Neil Peart during their concert at Viejas Arena, California.

Tool drummer Danny Carey showed his respect to Neil Peart by playing a really unique drum solo for him. While Danny playing the drums, Neil’s photo projected on the screen.

You can check the video below.

A few days ago, another musician Paul Stanley, who is the vocalist and guitarist of KISS, also felt really sad after this devastating news which is the death of Neil Peart.

For years, Neil Peart was fighting against brain cancer and after he lost this fight, Paul Stanley was in shock and he could share his feelings after days.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote:

“Absolutely Horrible News. Neal Peart has died after fighting brain cancer for years. His later life was filled with so much family tragedy. So, so sad. I’m just shocked”

A fan named Leticia Castro replied to Paul:

“It’s devastating news, but at least he’s not hurting anymore. When cancer took my father, all we could ask for was for him to be free. In fact, these were my last words to him: “you’re free, dad”. It’s one of the heaviest experiences you can go through. Rip, Neil!”

You can check his tweet below.