Tool legend Maynard James Keenan hasn’t shared anything on social media for almost a month. Instead, one of the most anticipated Tool and Puscifer fan pages on Instagram, ‘ToolPusciferApc’ posted a new photo and revealed the bizarre figure that looks like Maynard.

You will see the post of the fan page below, an artist named Licorie Celust made a really hard work with that Maynard figure.

Here is the caption:

“#Repost @playfulgorilla
Was tasked to do a custom @originalfunko Pop for a Xmas present this year for a buddy of mine. Had a blast creating this @toolmusic frontman Maynard for my people!!!

Came bagged with a custom header to boot! What you think?? #playfulgorilla #tool #maynardjameskeenan #maynard #music #funkopop #custom #toys #imaketoys”

A user named dookilicious wrote this:

“Is there an Adam Jones?

Another user, steadystateofficial commented:

“@originalfunko @toolmusic @puscifer @adamjones_tv please make this happen!!! Sell directly on 🙋🏽‍♂️”

You can see the photo of the fan page right below.