Nine Inch Nails photographer Travis Keller posted a new photo on his verified Instagram account and revealed a never-told-before onstage secret of Tool and Puscifer frontman, Maynard James Keenan.

Here is what he wrote:

“Tool’s devil wheel thingy, snapped backstage in Italy, 2007. I was out with Nine Inch Nails and they did a string of co-headlining shows in Europe with Tool. Was pretty epic.

Got to watch Tool from the stage a bunch of nights, where I realized Maynard is not in the bands live mix. But either way I gotta say, they slay live. Then again I’m a sucker for props.”

An Instagram user asked:

“What do you mean not in the mix?”

Travis Keller responded:

“He’s only coming out of the pa, he is not in the mix in their monitors and he using in ears so on stage you can’t hear him.”

You can find the photo below:

You can click here for the source.