During a recent interview with Kerrang Magazine, Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle frontman, Maynard James Keenan talked on some topics about his personal life and other stuff.

Interviewer asked:

“What is the most frustrating thing about being Maynard James Keenan?”

Maynard responded:

“Hmm… time. The lack of it, and the changes that come with it moving on. But I think that’s the same for anybody, really.”

Kerrang asked:

“You used to work on the layouts for pet shops. Which is your creative process most like: making wine, or putting the big bags of dog food at the back of the shop so customers see the other products on the way to get them?”

Maynard replied:

“All of the answers to those kinds of questions are about being conscious and aware, and ready to respond according to the situation.

It’s about being connected enough in a pet store to understand, ‘We could probably sell more shit if we put this at the back.’ I didn’t just come in one day and say, ‘Hey! Put this back there – it’s an idea I have!’ You have to be there to witness people come in to the front of the store and realise they never see another aisle.

When you’re planting grapes and realising that it’s colder than it is hot, it’s going to be more about avoiding cold and moisture than it is heat. It’s a conscious decision that you have to be present for and pay attention. If you’re not, you’re going to miss it.”

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