During an interview with Gazette Magazine, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan’s bandmate, Billy Howerdel talked about the possible release date of A Perfect Circle’s new album.

Interviewer asked when we can wait following up Eat The Elephant album (A Perfect Circle’s latest album, released in April 2018), and Billy responded:

“I’ve evolved a lot since the last album. I was a lot younger (he was 34 in 2004) when that album came out. I think I learned a few things since then and I want to move in some different directions musically.

Maynard feels the same way. We’ll obviously be playing a good bit of the new material when we come in to perform. When we got together to make this album, we were in a groove.”

Interviewer said:

“So many creative sparks were flying that Howerdel and Keenan have extra material. Does that mean that the group will record a follow-up before 2032?”

Howerdel responded:

“I hope so. I really think we will release an album sooner than later. We have some strong tracks in the can that were never finished. Those songs deserve to be completed. I would rather not leave a song sit by itself for years.

We’re enjoying being on the road together so much, so why stop what we’re doing? Yes, Maynard will go back into Tool mode, but I think we may be back sooner than later with A Perfect Circle. I can see us making the effort. If you come out to see us, you’ll see how much fun we’re having.”

Click here to source of the statement via Alternative Nation.