Tool’s long-time guitarist Adam Jones had a new interview with Powerful JRE’s The Joe Rogan Experience and compared his guitar skills with legendary Eddie Van Halen.

Adam admitted that he’s not as skilled as Eddie Van Halen but he’s trying to figure out his own skills.

Here is his statement:

“I’m not Eddie Van Halen, but I try to figure out other things I can do that are mine. I love Eddie and I wish I could play like him, but it’s kind of been done and that’s also kind of the point!

For a guitar player – regardless of what your level is – it’s about doing what you can do and trying to do it well instead of worrying about how someone else does it.”

He continued:

“I think people get kind of lost when it comes to why they’re doing it. It’s not a video game where you have to master a sequence exactly or you don’t beat the level.

That’s not what guitar playing is, and if you’re trying to emulate someone else, sure, it can help you with what you’re doing, but if you get lost in that pursuit, you’re not going to do anything worthwhile. I play the best I can – and I try to play with emotion and from my heart – and get myself excited while doing the best job I can do.”

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