According to recent official press release, Tool’s highly-anticipated new album “Fear Inoculum” will be released on 30th August 2019 via all streaming services for worldwide.

Today, Tool guitarist Adam Jones has shared a new announcement on Instagram Stories, and gave an exciting date for Fear Inoculum.

In a recent Instagram post, Adam has announced that album cover art of the new album will be revealed tomorrow.

You can see the screenshot of Adam’s Instagram story below.

Four days ago, Adam Jones spoke in a recent interview with Guitar World, and revealed how Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett helped him for new Tool album. Here’s the statement:

“The last time I saw Kirk Hammett, I asked and he sent me a video of this forwards/backwards run going up and down the neck of the guitar and it really helped my playing a lot.

Instead of doing something like just trying to learn the lead in “Master of Puppets,” I asked what he does to keep himself good, but I think it’s better to learn how someone practices and apply it to your own ideas. I highly recommend it.”

You can read the entire interview from here.