On their official website, Tool has shared a new interview with Matthew Smith, the owner of the Tool fansite Fourtheye.net.

In the interview, Matt talked about an idea of April’s Fool joke but we can’t stop thinking about that Tool may hint at the release date of new album.

Interviewer asked:

“What was your favorite April Fool’s Day joke? Will there be any more Tool chicanery in the future?”

Matt responded:

“I think my favorite April Fools prank was Kabir’s Listening Party prank in 2006.

A good April Fools joke is hard to come by these days, as it needs to be convincing enough to make you think twice. I’m still not convinced these listening parties weren’t real!

I’ve run a couple of pranks on Fourtheye over the years, probably my favorite being the one where Adam replaced Maynard with Axl Rose.

Tool have been pretty quiet of late on the April Fools front. Could Tool pull the ultimate prank, and release their next album on April 1st, 2019?”

Click here to entire interview from official web site of Tool.

Back in November 2018, Tool drummer Danny Carey has revealed an interesting story about recording sessions of new album. He said:

“Actually, when we did go in the studio recording this record, I actually suggestedto [producer Joe] Baressi that we maybe try out doing the 442 [Hz] thing and he was horrified cause everything in the studio’s all calibrated to 440.

It would have been… I think it would have taken – it would have been a big commitment, be kind of a nightmare to do it.”

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