Former Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach made a new interview with Forbes this week and revealed an untold story of how he rejected Tool member Adam Jones.

As you might read the statements of Sebastian Bach below, he stated that after being close friends, Adam asked him to open two weeks of Tool shows but he had to reject him.

Here is what he said:

“The first thing I would tell you is, I lived in Studio City [in Los Angeles] for two years recently. And I’ve moved since then, but my next-door neighbor was Adam Jones from Tool. And we became super fucking close friends; nothing to do with music. His kids come over to my house to play.

He comes to our birthday parties. He came to my 50th-birthday party, brought Danny from Tool, and I’m really good friends with Adam. We bond over comic books.”

He continued:

“Believe it or not, I just recently had to turn down the opening slot for Tool. Adam wanted me to open two weeks of shows in arenas. But I was already booked. So that’s mind-blowing to me.”

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