Tool’s successful guitarist, Adam Thomas Jones was the recent interview guest of David Von Bader of Guitar World and stated how Metallica’s Kirk Hammett inspired him to play guitar on his youth days.

Guitar World:

“With so many years since Tool’s last release, how would you say you’ve evolved as a guitarist since 2006?”

Adam Jones responded and revealed how Kirk helped him playing.:

“That’s a good question! I’ve definitely been practicing more than ever. Since the last record came out, when I meet a guitarist I like, I’ll ask them what they do to warm up or what do they do to stay good. Most of them show me a technique or a stretch — or maybe a practice idea. It’s always really interesting for me to see what they do, and I really try to practice the things these people give me.

The last time I saw Kirk Hammett, I asked and he sent me a video of this forwards/backwards run going up and down the neck of the guitar and it really helped my playing a lot. Instead of doing something like just trying to learn the lead in “Master of Puppets,” I asked what he does to keep himself good, but I think it’s better to learn how someone practices and apply it to your own ideas. I highly recommend it.”

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