Tool’s iconic bassist, Justin Chancellor was the recent interview guest of the Visions Magazine and revealed what he and his wife talked about before releasing the latest Tool album, Fear Inoculum.

As you will read Justin’s statement below, he indicated that his wife is a really honest person, and she admitted that she loved the album.

Visions asked:

“Have your wife, or dogs, heard the new album yet?”

Here is what Justin said:

“My wife always says “Don’t play it for me until it’s done!”. She has to watch me come home grumpy and lost in thought after all. However she does, of course, know where my ideas come from, I play them in our hose after all. But other than that she doesn’t want to hear anything until it’s done! When she heard the record for the first time it was a very exciting moment for both of us.

She liked it. And believe me: She tells me when something sucks. She’s brutally honest and that’s why I love her!”

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