Iconic Tool guitarist Adam Jones has shared a new video via his official Instagram account and showed off the riffs of their new track called ‘Pneuma.’

In the caption of this post, Adam Jones told the backstory of this video and we learned that this video was taken by his student which joined his guitar lesson and it was sent while he was on the tour but we saw it today. In the video, he was playing the new track of Tool called ‘Pneuma’ and showing the notes of its riffs.

Here’s the story of this video:

“A little Tutorial share 🎸 Dressing room guitar lesson of the last verse in #Pneuma 🧿 made for my guitar friend & supporter @axeofcreation while we were on tour ( hmm …I can’t remember where we were…😄)

440 D dropped on the #nomad Justin stays on the original riff so there are some nice little conflicting moments between the 2 parts. *Not difficult to play but it’s very satisfying 🤘🏽 #tool #FearInoculum @toolmusic.”

A fan named Whami commented:

“So satisfying!!! This song always makes my heart soar! 🙏”

Another fan named Gillie-Dan wrote this:

“Greg is awesome! So stoked he’s being recognised

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.