In a recent Instagram post, Tool have officially announced that their first EP album called “72826” is now available on some streaming services, such as Apple Music, iTunes and Google Play Music. But some reason, it’s not released on Spotify yet.

This is the first Tool album which was released on streaming services. Here’s the official statement of the band:

“Hello all. Tool’s EP 72826 is now available on Google Play Music, Apple Music & Itunes! 🎉 …Have fun 💃.”

After a while, they added:

“Great job guys you broke iTunes.. Been available in countries all day. Give it some time sort itself out. Thanks for your patience.”

Then, they wrote one more update:

“It is on and working on Google Play Music. Go check it out!”

A fan responded:

“No way! Never thought I’d see the day! Fair play to them though, more people should hear their amazing music!”

Apparently, Tool’s other albums will be added on streaming services in turn very very soon. We’re waiting…

Check out the official Instagram post below. Click here for the Apple Music.