Tool and Puscifer’s iconic frontman, Maynard James Keenan‘s never-told-before truth about the recording process of the Tool’s recent album, Fear Inoculum has been revealed by the producer of the album, Joe Barresi.

As Alternative Nation transcribes his comments about the latest album, Barressi said that Maynard used interesting tools in the new album, including a megaphone.

Here is what he said:

“The tracking part of Maynard, I actually went down to Arizona with Mat Mitchell, who is in Puscifer, and he had been doing some demoes with Maynard ahead of time. I would feed them rough mixes as we progressed, and then Mat would drop down there, and they would work on stuff. Then Mat and I went to Arizona. Maynard loves the blue bottle, the big mic, that was his main chain through a 1073 with an 1176, and I brought down some alternate chains that I set up.”

He continued:

“I had a 67, which is a classic, an SM7, you get right up on it, never blow it up, a couple of little handheld mics, a megaphone, things like that. He would sing his parts, and I would comp at night, come back the next day, maybe tweak a few things. But having the ability to change frequencies basically, and not the same microphone.”

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You can watch Maynard’s funny moments below.