Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

Iconic Tool guitarist Adam Jones has posted a new post on his official Instagram account and penned a tear-inducing letter to his son.

If you check out the statement, Adam said he missed his beloved son a lot, wanted to be with him because his son was sick, but the guitarist was upset that he couldn’t be with him because of the tours.

Here’s what Adam Jones stated:

“~ Missing my youngest boy 💔👶🏼 He’s a bit sick now with a head cold & I wish I was at home to take care of him. *He loves playing & pretending to drive in our old caddy 🏆💣🤘🏽”

A fan named justenjoyingu commented and said this:

“Must be the hardest part of your job,mate.thanks to you all for leaving what you love to entertain us lot.”

Another fan named gefian wrote this:

“Get better and thanks for loaning us your dad. Love from Sydney Australia.”

See the Instagram post below.