While everyone’s waiting for new information about the upcoming Tool album, the band surprised the fans with an unexpected ‘streaming services’ move.

Tool created Spotify and Apple Music profiles. However, there is a simple bio on their Spotify profile:

“Tool’s greatest breakthrough was to meld dark underground metal with the ambition of art rock, 10,000 Days. (2006)”

You can click here for Apple Music profile and here for Spotify.

In January, Maynard James Keenan had a conversation about why their albums are not available on Spotify or Apple Music.

Here is that conversation:

“Not only would I download a @Tool app from @mjkeenan, I would pay $19.99 per album in lossless format. Please, Maynard, help keep #TOOL as relevant and accessible as it’s always been. My @Tesla doesn’t have a phonograph…”

Maynard James Keenan:

“Squawking at the wrong tool.”

Click here for the source.