A Tool fan named Andrew has revealed his conversation with Tool drummer Danny Carey at NAMM 2019.

According to Andrew’s Facebook post, Danny Carey said that new Tool album will be released in ‘April, maybe May’.

Alternative Nation has shared Andrew’s statement as follows:

“Dropped by The Baked Potato tonight to catch Danny and the Webb All Stars, for their post-NAMM show!! They played a couple great 1.5 hour sets to a bar packed with 60-70 people, and it was so cool to see Danny branch out and put his skills to another genre of music.

Between sets Danny and the band were chatting with the crowd out back, so I finally got to meet him! I overheard him talking with another couple about the album date, he also said to them, ‘April, maybe May.’”

As we reported two days ago, Danny Carey confirmed that new Tool album will be released in April 2019.

Yesterday, Tool updated their official website with the first teaser of the new album. Click here to details.

One of the close friends of Tool members, Gabriel Shaffer has revealed his first observation about new Tool album on Instagram. He wrote:

“Still recovering from last night’s hang in Hollywood at the loft. All I can say is I heard something from start to finish, that a number of us have been waiting to hear for over 10 years now.

I can confirm it is worth every bit of the wait. The main question is are we worthy of it.”

You can reach the source of the statement from here. (Alternative Nation)