Tool’s well-known guitarist, Adam Jones, and Danny Carey were the recent interview guest of Metal Hammer’s latest issue and revealed the latest breaking news about the latest album of Tool, Fear Inoculum.

Danny Carey also shared a blood-curling truth about how Maynard was taking death threats during the preparing process of the latest album.

Here is his statement:

“I felt bad for him. He even told me he was getting death threats from these idiots out there. They just have no idea what our work ethic is.

These things don’t happen, man. There’s no other record that’s going to sound like this Tool record.

What you hear is what you get, and what you get is what it takes to get it done. And it’s not an easy process.”

The band’s bassist Justin Chancellor also shared the latest details about the album:

 “Sometimes I thought we were nearly there. We’d written an album or we had some songs that were cool, and then we’d dump the whole lot and start again.

It was devastating.”

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