Tool’s family member and famous producer, Joe Basressi had a new interview with Kerrang’s Inside Track and revealed a never-told-before truth about Tool’s recent album, Fear Inoculum.

Joe Baressi admitted that while they were in the studio to record the songs for Fear Inoculum, the floor tom went on fire.

Here is what Baressi:

“We always like to set up the room so it’s visual Dan [Carey]’s got, like, some geometry thing behind him, and there’s always a PA and candles. It’s very vibey. And I remember the drum tech, Bruce Jacoby, was in front of the console, and I saw this look of panic in his face.

He continued:

All of a sudden, he just bolts out of the control room through this back door, and he gets behind Danny’s drum kit… I guess Dan was playing with such power that one of the candles fell over on his floor tom and started burning the floor tom, so the head went on fire.

So that was one of the most insane moments, actually — Dan almost burning down the studio.”

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