Tool’s long-time producer and known as a Tool family member, Joe Barresi has made a new interview with Kerrang’s Inside Track and revealed untold stories about Tool’s latest album, Fear Inoculum.

Here is what Kerrang wrote about the interview:

“Tool’s Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor tell the complete behind-the-scenes story of how they recorded their long-awaited new album, Fear Inoculum.

Also featured is producer Joe Barresi, who provides a detailed look into Fear Inoculum’s studio process and reveals anecdotes that underline the unbelievable feat of finally creating the band’s first new LP in 13 years.”

Joe Barresi admitted that he wasn’t prepared at all for the album.

Here is what Joe said to Kerrang:

“When Tool first came to me to start recording the follow-up to [2006’s] ‘10,000 Days,’ I kept getting the occasional call, like, ‘We’re gonna start tomorrow or next week.’ Every time, it never happened. So honestly, I didn’t think it was gonna happen.

I thought it was gonna happen last year, for sure, I just didn’t know it was gonna happen that quick. So, I honestly wasn’t prepared at all. I was in the middle of mixing Alice in Chains, they’re, like, ‘When are you done?’ I was, like, ‘March,’ so there really wasn’t any preparation at all for me, which kinda sucked.

He continued:

“On ‘10,000 Days,’ I got to sit in the rehearsal room for a month; I would listen to the songs, I’d write arrangements down if I couldn’t count something…

If it was in some crazy time signature, I could ask those guys what time it was in, they would explain it to me and I could jot down some tempos and stuff so when we got to the studio, I can kind of start them, like, ‘Hey, this sounded really great, I’ll just give you a bar of click and let’s roll.’

This record, they’ve invited me down many times, I was just so busy at the time, I couldn’t do that. And going into the record and having the demos, such a huge body of material, it was crazy, actually.”

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