Tool recently shared a post to announce their new ‘Fear Inoculum’ Ultra Deluxe Vinyl box set with a price of $810 on their official Instagram account. The band revealed who could access it before the worldwide release.

Tool released their fifth studio album named ‘Fear Inoculum’ on August 30, 2019, and the record hit the charts and was considered one of the best albums of the year. The album’s track ‘Fear Inoculum’ was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song, while ‘7empest’ won the award for Best Metal Performance.

Later, the band announced their upcoming 2022 Tour, which started on January 10 in Eugene and will end on May 24 in Budapest to promote the album. Moreover, Tool will release ‘Fear Inoculum’ Ultra Deluxe LP, including 5 autographed discs of industry best 180g vinyl and artworks.

It will only be available to Tool Army VIP Package owners starting with their show in Philadelphia and going on until it’s sold out; the worldwide sale will probably begin in April. After a user shared the price of $810 on a vinyl subreddit page, the band’s fans targeted Tool because of its price.

Their Instagram followers also joined them as many criticized the price, which is too expensive for the people who want to listen to it from vinyl. Even though many fans aren’t content with this, some are on the hunt for the limited signed editions, which fetch around $2,000 on eBay.

Tool’s IG post read:

“There’s some late-breaking news from the band. Having just received their personal allotment of the forthcoming (TBA) ‘Fear Inoculum’ Ultra Deluxe LP, they were inspired to offer for sale this very limited number of advance pressings to Tool Army VIP Package holders (taking advantage of their early merch access) beginning with tonight’s show in Philadelphia and extending to the remaining shows in Elmont, Newark, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and so forth, or until there are no more available (before the worldwide release that’s projected for sometime in April).

Furthermore, these early vinyl arrivals (only a tour item for the time being) have been autographed, adding a personal touch to the cover imagery. The package contains five discs of industry best 180g vinyl, with audio tracks on one side and etched art on the reverse of each side of the disc. Though the quantities are very limited, should there be any remaining copies, they will be made available to concertgoers at the general merch booth.”

A fan added:

“Get me a realistic priced ‘Anemia,’ and we will talk. Make these things available for a reasonable price for just basic packaging for us audiophiles who listen to their records.”

Another one responded:

Any chance of a non-silly variant to, you know, just be able to listen to on a record player?”

You can check out the Reddit post below.

Tool just announced they’re selling autographed copies of their new album at their concerts… and yes, that says $810. from vinyl