Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

Official Twitter account of Tool has reacted to a tweet posted by a fan today, and they revealed the reason of why fans should see them at a live show immediately.

As you can read below, Tool’s account paid attention to ages of the band members in a tragic message, and they used this hashtag #cantseeusdead.

A fan named Kenneth Hoste wrote on Twitter:

“Any news on the lineup for #GMM20? 😉

How about the almighty @Tool?

Since there’s simply no way in hell I’m spending any money for the yuppy festival that is Rock Werchter… @GraspopMetal #GMM19″

Tool’s official account responded:

All of us are over 45 (most over 54) and rarely come to Europe. Might want to seize the moment. We don’t get many. Life is fleeting. Come see us LIVE.

Kenneth replied to Tool:

“Oh don’t get me wrong, I seized the moment by traveling to Amsterdam just to see you guys there. Cost-wise it was probably on par to attending a festival, but I’m confident it was a way more pleasant experience (indoors, hall full of Tool fans, etc.).”

You can see the tweets below.