The official Instagram account of Tool posted a heartwarming video from the latest Zurich show of the Tool that band members say hi to the crowd with their kids.

Here is what’s written on the caption:

“Devil horns for Zurich! 📸@adamjones_tv #tooltheband”

An Instagram user named spiffnut420 commented:

“Bring your kid to work day? Awesome.”

Another user named jacksian claimed that this footage from the Amsterdam show.

He said:

“i’ve been to the Zurich show and this footage is from Amsterdam, but still super awesome 🤘🏼”

bloody.shrine also shared his opinion:

“I’m fairly certain that tool are about the only band not dressing like a bunch of trendies.”

Here is that rare video below.

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Devil horns for Zurich! 📸@adamjones_tv #tooltheband

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