Maynard James Keenan, the founder and iconic frontman of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, has opened up about the period he fought with the deadly COVID-19 while admitting that he risked the lives of countless people without knowing he was a super spreader.

During his recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, extremely hardworking and successful musician, Maynard James Keenan, has recalled the worst days for him in 2020 and unveiled the unknown details about his COVID-19 period for the first time.

As you may know, Keenan was diagnosed with coronavirus at the beginning of this year, when the illness began to take over the world. Back in February, the iconic musician got the virus in Australia.

Keenan said that he first noticed something bad was going on when he attended a dinner with his friends. He told Rogan that the food didn’t taste right immediately. Maynard James also revealed that the next day after dinner, he got out an international flight to New Zealand and turned into a super spreader, as a result.

Fortunately, he grabbed a mask before he even got on the plane as he acknowledged that he has friends in Japan and Taiwan, where were the most dangerous cities at the beginning, Keenan said.

The great frontman explained that he got through the virus by isolating pretty well, drinking water and hot tea, and taking hot showers before he took on the stage. The healing process was so hard and they would have had to cancel the shows, Keenan added.

Here’s what Maynard James Keenan said when asked if his case was bad:

“Yes and no. I was in Australia. We went out to dinner. My buddy, Todd Fox and Chris. Immediately the food didn’t taste right. But this is all hindsight, right? I didn’t know at the time. We didn’t know that these are the things you’re looking for. It was in this February.

Nobody knew what to tell you. I immediately was sick. Then I had to get out an international flight the next morning. Flied to New Zealand. I’m a super spreader. I brought it to New Zealand. It was in me and I put it in you.

So we got there. I was like four days in the hotel. Because we had four days off before the shows. So I was just drinking water, hot showers, taking care of myself, hot tea.

Just trying to get through it and it sucked. But you didn’t know yet how bad this thing could have been. If I didn’t know how bad it could’ve been, I would have been freaking out.”

He continued:

“We isolated pretty well. I grabbed a mask before I even got on the plane. Because I just instinctually having friends that were going to Taiwan and going to Japan. You just see the mask like ‘Okay. I’m probably just going to wear the mask anyway.’

I asked the doctor when I got to New Zealand, ‘Do you think this is COVID?’ But he was like ‘Did you have a fever?’ Like I don’t remember if I had a fever. ‘Then you don’t have COVID.’

So I got through that. I was able to do the show. I didn’t close my throat down enough. I would have had to cancel. Then the next shows were going to be in the Northwest.”

You can check out the rest of the conversation below.