Tool’s well-known drummer Danny Carey had a recent interview with Modern Drummer, and paid his tribute to AC/DC.

As you will read his statements below, he stated that he wishes he could write some AC/DC style drum parts for himself.

Modern Drummer asked this:

“On ‘Invincible,’ there’s an intro in seven with a percussive quarter-note overdub, and then the introduction of some high-pitched toms continuing through the groove.”

Danny Carey responded:

“The whole groove of that is in seven, but I used that Wavedrum again. I’m not sure what the starting point was on the Wavedrum, I just manipulated that sound quite a bit.

So I put that on, where it’s hitting every third 16th over the top of it, so it’s, like, three over seven the whole time. The whole tune was based on a three-against-seven idea. That way it meets up every third time, but not really on the 8s of sevens that the tune is based in.

But it has a nice flow over the top of it, and it keeps the energy moving forward. It makes it kinetic – I think, and keeps people interested.

When we played it live, on this last tour; when I came in with the little kalimba thing at the very beginning of it in that three, people started clapping to that, and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s kind of neat; I just got people to clap three over seven.’ [Laughs] It’s a good feeling.”

Modern Drummer asked:

“Why can’t you just write some AC/DC-style drum parts for yourself so you could relax once in a while?”

Danny responded with paying his respect to AC/DC:

“[Laughs] That’d be nice. I wish I could. We tried to make these songs shorter, but they all ended up being, like, 10 minutes long on average.”

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