Adam Jones, the award-winning guitarist of Tool, has shared an amazing throwback picture taken when he and Tom Morello were hanging out in Morello’s basement, crossing their metal swords.

As you might recall, Rage Against The Machine guitarist, Tom Morello, has given an interview to the Rolling Stone in the past weeks and disclosed his very close friendship with Adam Jones. Revealed that they are actually high school friends, Morello said that Jones was his mentor, helping him learn some chords.

Posting a photo from these years, Adam Jones has remembered the good old times when they were practicing in Tom’s basement in Libertyville, Illinois. Posing like they were making war with their guitars, Jones said that Tom Morello’s metal face has always been much better than his. Adam added that he learned a lot about music, business, and life from Tom.

Here is what Adam Jones said in his recent Instagram post:

“Wow!🔻 Tom Morello & I crossing Very Metal Swords ⚔️Long ago in his basement in Libertyville, Illinois 📣 Tom’s metal face was always much better than mine (& still is to this day) 🤘🏽🔥 Such good friendship & memories 📣

I learned a lot about •music •business and •life from Tom. 🎸⚡️🐑”

You can see the post below.