Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan recently shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing that he made an interview with Maynard James Keenan, widely known as the lead singer of Tool and current lead singer of Puscifer.

As you may remember Maynard James Keenan was the guest of Joe Rogan‘s famous podcast titled Joe Rogan Experience on 30 Jul 2019 and the two talked about many topics from Keenan‘s wine business to social media addiction and drugs.

A year later, Joe Rogan once again announced on his official Instagram page that Maynard James Keenan joined another episode of Joe Rogan Experience. The two talked about Keenan’s coronavirus experience since he revealed in an interview earlier this month that he was experiencing after-effects after diagnosed with COVID-19 back in February.

Here is how Keenan explained his experience:

“I’m in Australia. We went out to dinner… and immediately food didn’t taste right, but this is now, this is all hindsight, right I didn’t know at the time. We didn’t know that these are the things you’re looking for, like immediately. So nobody knew what to tell you. I immediately was sick, then I had to get on an international flight the next morning, fly to New Zealand on…

So we got there, I was like four days in the hotel. I was just drinking water, hot showers, taking care of myself, hot tea, just trying to get through it and it sucked. But you didn’t know yet that like what, how bad this thing could have been. If I’d have known how bad it could have been I would have been freaking out.”

Keenan, later on, explained that he went to a doctor in New Zealand, who, when asked if he thought it was COVID, asked Keenan if he had a fever. When Keenan told the doctor he didn’t remember, the doctor said he didn’t have the virus. He was then able to play a show but stated that it was hard to sing.

He continued:

“But I finally went to a doctor, an arthritis doctor, and he was like ‘Okay so walk me through when you first saw…’ And I started walking him through everything he goes, ‘you had COVID.’ And what are some of the side effects that you find are the are that inflammation.

So whatever, I guess, so it’s some kind of a rheumatoid response. That alone would be, well, maybe, I’m just 56 and I have arthritis, but my blood work was completely clean everywhere else no other issues anywhere else in my body but just the wrists, explaining that, but I still have the cough.

So whatever cough I had, whatever cough I got in New Zealand, like every other day, I’ll have a coughing fit for, you know, for 10 minutes, coughing up stuff, so I have lung damage from it still.

You can see the Instagram post and the full podcast from Youtube below.