Tool is about the finish their latest studio album. Last week, Tool shared a photo of Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor, Danny Carey and album producer Joe Barresi.

Tool fans are extremely excited about the upcoming album, but they are also curious about why James Keenan was nott in any photo Tools has taken during mastering progress.

It seems that there was a reason for that.

Reporter Stephanie Olmo, tweeted from her official Twitter account and said:

“I had the pleasure to chat with about his first wine tasting room in the Valley. He’s been making wine for over a decade and is bringing a taste of his Northern AZ wineries to Scottsdale. The grand opening of Merkin Vineyards Old Town Scottsdale will be March 14th.”

And Keenan responded:

“Fingers crossed, March 14th Grand Opening. and for updates.

Here are the tweets:

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