The iconic metal singer Maynard James Keenan, better known as the lead singer of Tool, has recently made a bold confession about his life aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic in an interview for Revolver Magazine.

The multitalented musician, Keenan has been the co-founder and lead singer of outstanding bands such as Tool, A Perfect Circle, and most recently Puscifer. He is also known for his interests in various subjects as being a vintner, farmer, and jiu-jitsu enthusiast.

A day ago, Keenan made an interview with the Revolver Magazine and shared details about his life after the global crisis of coronavirus. The rock legend, who is also known for his interest in martial arts, answered a question about his training plan.

The interviewer asked whether he could continue training martial arts especially jiu-jitsu, considering all the gyms and classes had been shut down for a while now.

Here’s how Maynard James Keenan responded:

“We’re kinda screwed. I know there are some things that are opening. I was laughing the other day because I saw a protest outside of a gym where everyone was doing squats and pushups because the gym was closed. Of course David Cross had to jump on it, like, “Well, it looks like it all worked out! We don’t have to open — you guys got your workout in.”

But yeah, we can’t really open a gym where people are on each other grappling when we don’t know that the antibody tests work and we don’t know if the actual COVID tests are accurate. There’s conflicting information on whether it’s transmittable without symptoms … we just don’t know.

It sucks because I wanna do jiu-jitsu and I know there’s a lot of people that wanna do it, but we can’t really open our gym until we know more. A lot of us are doing stuff on our own or working out with just one training partner in our own homes. So I don’t really have any answers — I wish I did. I mean, I’m working out, but I’m probably drinking more wine and eating more gelato than working out, so we’re kinda walking in a circle here.”

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